Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You know you are a MXIT addict wen:

You always carry a charger with you coz mxit vriet your battery.

You type faster on your phone than you do on your computer.

You actually say “lol” wen speaking to people.

Your friends phone you to find out if you okay because you havnt been online all day.

a “please call me”= meet me on mxit

You forgot how to send an sms.

You can drive and mxit, eat and mxit, bath and mxit, study and mxit

You have more than 30 contacts

You use mxit as a verb and not as a noun.

“Can I have your contact” is your standard pick-up line

“knu” is your standard response to “hey hw u”

You never spend more than R30 aitime a month, and most of it goes to sending pics.

The person you would most like to chat to right now is called “sexybabe” or “hothunk” on your mxit.

You get a rush of adrenaline wen you hear that you got a new invitation.

You get depressed because sum1 isnt chatting to you.

You get depressed because sum1 is taking long to reply.

You get depressed because sum1 is sending you one word answers

You really laugh out loud wen reading a message.

Your parents have said anything along the lines of “if you spend as much time with your books as you do on your phone…”

You met your bf/gf on mxit.

You have a mxit bf/gf.

You always saying mxit is boring, but you cant help logging on anyway.

You get a weird lonely, lost, sad feeling when you don’t have airtime to log on.

You get that same feeling when your charger is laying at home and your battery on 1 bar.

You send an sms during off-peak time and you still sig because you think thatyou couldv'e f@#!en used the same amount of airtime to chat for an entire day.

Your phone is broken and you downloaded your Mxit on your daddy's phone.

You chat on your sister/brother's Mxit because your phone is broken andthey're too damn selfish to let you download yours onto their phone.

You chat to someone on Mxit even when you're sitting next to that person.

You curse the phenomenon called "Dc".

You feel triumphant when that person you likes greets you first, especiallywhen you're someone who waits for people to greet them

You greet that person first because you're going crazy seeing their nameonline and you're not the one occupying their time.

You hide your phone under your pillow wenever your mommy enters your room33. The following news excites you: VERSION 5 HAS JUST BEE


Anonymous said...

whoo he eh.........

blerry mxit freaks

remind me of norrie and baboolaanie

Anonymous said...

Mxit is the best!!Mxit is the best!!Mxit is the best!!...huray for mxit!!!